We have gone to extraordinary lengths to source the best artisanal chilli and garlic brands to ensure you have the widest selection of premium and exclusive products at the click of a button.

From garlic or chilli mayonnaise to hot sauce, marinades and seasonings, you’ll find everything you need right here to get your taste buds sizzling!

  • Garlic Farm on the Isle of Wight UK
  • South Devon Chilli Farm UK
  • Tribal Foods Athenry Co.Galway
  • Chilli No.5 Monaco
  • Dr Trouble Zimbabwe
  • Rebel Chilli Co.Cork
  • Chateau Calissanne Provence France
  • Mahi Fine Foods UK
  • Torchbearer Sauces USA
  • Curtice Brothers Italy
  • The Original Black Garlic UK
  • Blackfire Artisan Foods Belfast
  • Demetriades Family Traditional Products Cyprus
  • Rufus Teague Kansas in the USA
  • Blanco Nino Clonmel. Co Tipperary.
  • Grill Shack
  • Drizzle Honey Alberta Canada
  • Crazy Bastard Sauce Berlin


The Garlic Farm is a family run business that has been growing garlic on their farm in the Isle of Wight for over 40 years.
They have explored its history and origins, experimenting with different varieties and creating one of the worlds’ most unique and tasty range of garlic infused products from mayonnaise to chutney and from garlic beer and vodka to garlic ice cream.
The Garlic Farm employs up to 70 people at the height of the summer season, looking after the growing, preparation, accommodation cottages, café and festivals.
We are delighted to look after the sales and distribution of The Garlic Farm products on the island of Ireland.


When it comes to making HOT SAUCE in Ireland nobody does it better than Liam Heneghan and his family at Heneghan’s Nursery Just outside of Athenry in Co. Galway.
All products are made using their own crop of in-season fresh chillies, fruit and vegetables.
A family history of Glasshouse growing here since 1935 allows them a vast knowledge of the many varieties of chillies that are used to make up the Tribal Foods range. Tribal Foods, the name of the business coming from Galway (the city of the tribes) of course.
We are proud at stinkyandscorchy.ie to be able to work with such authentic growers and produce.
You will find the Tribal Foods range of Sauces, Jams, Hot Honey and Salsas to be an excellent choice for your table.




A premium and unique hot sauce totally vegan and naturally organic, nothing added other than locally sourced ingredients from small farm producers across remote wild areas of the upper Zambezi valley in Southern Africa. The taste profiles are unique and unmatched anywhere in the world.


Genuine 120-year-old recipe handmade and aged in giant glass ageing bottles for up to 120 days under the African sun. 100% naturally organic ingredients, ethically and locally sourced and fully tested for allergens. No artificial preservatives, concentrates or preservatives.


Our hot sauce is made from fresh chilli, fresh lemons, salt and spices. We produce the only commercial chilli sauce on the market using 100% freshly squeezed lemon juice. Even our salt is locally sourced from the Kgalagadi salt pans in Botswana.



An unmistakable spicy hit, combined with superfoods and health supplements. No chilli sauce makes you feel more alive than Chilli-no 5.

At Chilli-no 5 we are dedicated to providing the tastiest gourmet chilli sauces using the most natural and healthy ingredients possible delivering a variety of your favourite international flavours.

Entrepreneur Rumble Romagnoli teamed up with superyacht chef Colin Ross to create the Chilli-no 5 brand at the start of the pandemic lockdown.

Founded because both believed that it was impossible to find a high quality, healthy hot sauce in supermarkets or even in restaurants. With people experimenting and cooking at home Chilli-no 5 was created to elevate the dishes and to help people over the challenge of recreating their favourite bold flavours. At stinkyandscorchy.ie, we are delighted to be working with Chilli-no 5 to bring their exceptional products to consumers all across the island of Ireland.



The guys at the South Devon Chilli Farm started growing chillies
as a hobby in the back garden greenhouse in the late 1990s.
In 2001 they progressed to a polytunnel and brought their wonderful
fresh home-grown chillies to local farmers markets where they were
surprised with the immediate positive response from the public.
Instead of wasting anything that was unsold, they used the varieties
to begin experimenting with different recipes to preserve the chillies.
People loved the preserved products as much as the fresh chillies.
So the South Devon Chilli Farm as a grower, manufacturer and chilli
products supplier was born.
They have added an onsite café and tours of the farm can be organised.
We are delighted to be the distributor of South Devon Chilli Farm products
on the island of Ireland.


Chateau Calissanne, a thousand-year-old property stands in a 1200 hectare estate in one of the most gorgeous corners of Provence. A major fine wine producer in the area Chateau Calissanne also is home to 60 acres of AOC Aix En Provence Olive Trees which thrive in the chalky soils. We are delighted at stinkyandscorchy.ie to represent Chateau Calissanee in promoting all their fine products on the island of Ireland. Please browse our Oil & Olives page to see the four different flavours brands that are available.
Les Merveilles
Fond Del Leu
Les Terres De Provence
Saint Modeste



MAHI is a family-run craft sauce business that is big on bold, vibrant andexciting flavours. We make spectacularly spicy, all-natural award-winning hot sauces, handcrafted by MAHI Spiceologists in the UK.
After a decade of experimentation in the kitchen, we have perfected a range of condiments that deliver an explosion of flavour. No artificial colours, no artificial flavours, making it the absolute perfect companion to every meal or the ideal gift set for a chilli lover you might know. We are delighted to have the Mahi range stocked on stinkyandscorchy.ie


Crazy Bastard Sauce was created from a passion for chillies and is made by Irishman Jonathan O Reilly a life long chilli fan.
Everyone has a favourite chilli pepper and the seven Crazy Bastard sauces each use a different type of chilli, which are paired with ingredients that are specifically selected to compliment the flavour of the chillies.
The peppers are oven roasted to help bring out their flavour. We are delighted to be able to stock these wonderful award winning sauces on stinkyandscorchy.ie



Torchbearer Sauces was founded by Vid, Ben and Tim, three guys in their 20’s with a knack for creating tasty condiments, fiery hot sauces, and even the worlds first habanero cheesecake. Probably the finest Garlic and Chilli Sauce in the US. We are delighted at stinkyandscorchy.ie to represent TORCHBEARER SAUCES in promoting all of their range on the island of Ireland. Please browse out Hot Sauce Page to see the different flavours.


Paul Moore started out making chilli sauce with his brother in their home kitchen and selling them at farmers markets and food festivals. In 2014 he decided to go full time into the chilli sauce business and success soon followed when Rebel Chilli won gold for their red chilli sauce at the Blas Na hÉireann Irish food awards. Their products are low in salt and sugar and are all gluten-free. We are delighted to have the Rebel Chilli range stocked on stinkyandscorchy.ie



Blackfire Artisan Foods is the result of 30 years of travel and tasting food across the world by Belfast native, grower, artist and chilli fanatic Tim McCarthy. It is a small Belfast company specialising in the creation of unique fresh chilli sauces all of which are vegan friendly, allergen and gluten-free as well as being low in calories and most importantly really tasty. Using homegrown chillies and locally sourced ingredients Blackfire produces limited batch seasonal sauce unrivalled anywhere in Ireland. They just have to be tasted to be believed. We are proud to be able to bring this wonderful range to you. You can find them directly on our hot sauce page on stinkyandscorchy.ie



The brand name ‘Curtice Brothers’ has been derived from a very old and special ketchup which was made in Rochester, New York from the late 1800’s up to the early 1970’s; Curtice Brothers Blue Label ketchup.

Edgar and Simeon Curtice shared a passion for food. They opened their first grocery store in 1868 where they sold fresh fruit and vegetables. Soon they began to develop sauces and condiments using the fresh produce from their store and came up with the recipe for their famous tomato ketchup which was said to have had the richest flavour (like ripe red tomatoes in a bottle). With the same passion and thorough research, we have recreated Curtice Brothers’ once-famous delicious ketchup. We use the freshest ingredients from our certified organic farms and cook our ketchup to retain the full-bodied flavour of fresh tomatoes.

So, we began to cook and experimented with the wildest recipes, tasted and tested, drank too much wine, danced around the kitchen and learned how to squeeze more than 15 tomatoes into one bottle. We cook for people who recognise quality food, people who care about what they eat and people who create trends rather than follow the flock. At stinkyandscorchy.ie we are delighted to have the Curtice Brothers products; Ketchup, Flavoured Ketchup, Mayonnaise and Mustard stocked in our online shop and available for restaurants and high-end retail at trade prices.




In 2008, Katy Heath who owned a small business importing produce met a Korean supplier who asked her if she had heard of Korean aged garlic. She had not so she requested a sample which was so flavoursome so as to peak her interest. This aged or Black Garlic was such an exciting product that Katy began learning all she could about the product and the ageing process involved, even travelling to Jeju Island, Korea where black garlic is said to have originated. Our Original Black Garlic is carefully chosen, high-quality raw garlic that has been expertly aged using nothing but heat and humidity for a very long time. Black garlic is very different to raw garlic offering up a much more mellow taste but with huge complexity and depth. A sweet /savoury umami flavour and tasting notes of molasses, tamarind, caramel, dates and much more. We are so pleased to have the original black garlic products for you on stinkyandscorchy.ie


DRIZZLE was started in 2014 by Aja Horsley an environmental scientist, who whilst working in urban agriculture research was assigned a rooftop beekeeping project harvesting culinary honey and thus starting a love affair with bees and honey. Aja has assembled an all female team of colleagues and investors and today they are proud to set the standard for healthy honey and sustainable practices in beekeeping. At stinkyandscorchy.ie we are delighted to be able to work with such a great producer and to be able to offer their range of honey products( hot and not) in Ireland.


Based in the already well-known Co. Kildare landmark Roches, the sinking pub in Donadea the Grillshack has been operating for the last four years under the guidance of owner and head chef Aidan Kelly offering fabulous steak, burgers, ribs, and wings in a modern visible kitchen housed in an old-style pub. After tasting his wonderful food on a visit, we simply had to add his range of locally produced hot sauces to our online offering.


From early years Rufus Teague had a real hankerin for good barbeque, but back in the day he couldn’t just run down to the local grocer and pick some up. Nope , and that’s exactly why he set out to concoct his own sauces and rubs. Turns out he was pretty darn good at it. Rufus was constantly fiddlin with batch after batch and people would come from far and wide hoping to get a taste, turning his yard into a daily shindig.
Now Rufus was a kind and gentle man and there came a time that he longed for a little peace. That’s when he decided to bottle his sauce in some old whiskey flasks and started to sell it around the local area.
Lucky for all of us his recipes live on and are still delivered in bona fide glass whiskey flasks.
Every bottle is still made with the best ingredients and crafted with the same love and care that made them famous in the first place There is only one Rusus Teague, the BBQ legend who always said.
‘Good sauce makes bad barbeque good and good barbeque gooder.’ We are delighted to stock Rufus Teague BBQ sauces and Rubs on stinkyandscorchy.ie


Demetriades is a fabulous family producer of olives, olive tapenades and extra virgin olive oil based in Limassol , Cyprus. We are delighted to stock their wonderful range on stinkyandscorchy.ie Black, Green and Spicy olive tapenades are a huge hit for us every week at markets and events as are their extra virgin spicy and garlic flavoured olive oil in glass spray bottles.


Blanco Nino all started when the founder, Phil set up his first Mexican restaurant in Dublin. He couldn’t find and corn tortillas of the quality that he had come to love in Mexico. So he embarked on a journey to Mexico to learn how to make them earning the nickname Blanco Nino or white boy. Armed with his travel knowledge Phil started Blanco Nino in Tipperary in 2015. We are delighted to stock such a great product and it compliments many of our salsas and dips.