Crazy Bastard Superhot Reaper


The hottest sauce in our superhot range pushes the boundries of flavour and heat: both are extremely intense yet still perfectly balanced.

Fermented Carolina Reaper chili with an intoxicating blend of Creole spices and strong mustard.

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Carolina Reaper Chili (50%), White wine vinegar, creole spices, sea salt, mustard powder, garlic, oregano, thyme, stabiliser: guar gum.


All the flavours at once: mustard, garlic, cumin, chili, pepper and pain.


Hmm… whatever, just don't pour it all over your burger.


It's far too hot. Don't do it!

Scoville (estimated)

Approx 500,000 Scoville. But that's all natural heat, no extract.


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