Chilli No. 5 The Hot Chilli Flakes Box Set – Crushed & Dried Chilli Flakes Gift



If you love it spicy or know somebody who does The Hot Chilli Flakes Box Set will get your pulses racing. This is our hottest chili gift set with five tubes of the hottest gourmet chili flakes arguably in the world. Five 15 g tubes of dried chili flakes from the most famous chili peppers in the world. Crushed chili flakes include Carolina Reaper, The Scorpion, The Ghost, Chilli No. 5’s mix, and the Habanero. Warning these are very very spicy and should be used sparingly – springled very lightly when cooking. As they are so hot they should be cooked first.

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Our Chilli Flakes Gift set includes 5 x 15 g tubes of:

Carolina Reaper dried crushed chilli flakes – 2.2 Million Scoville – tasting notes – fruity, sweet, and extremely hot

Scorpion dried crushed chilli flakes – 2 Million Scoville – tasting notes – floral, fruity, and extremely hot

Ghost dried crushed chilli flakes – also known as Bhut Jolokia – 1 Million Scoville tasting notes – sweet fruity and extremely hot

Chilli No. 5 selection of our special blend of dried crushed chilli flakes which we use in our chilli sauces – 400,000 Scoville – tasting notes – peppery, smoky, fruity, sweet & very hot

Habenero dried crushed chilli flakes – 600,000 Scoville – tasting notes – smoky, sweet, and very hot

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Dried chilli flakes

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Our dried crushed chili flakes are the spice to bring to life anything and everything.


Chilli is a powerful antioxidant and superfood.


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